Automatic eBay Feedback

Feedback manager for eBay Sellers

With Automatic Feedback, you don't have to worry about sending feedback to your buyers. Our powerful feedback engine helps you to set the conditions for sending feedback, and then sends the feedback itself whenever a new order is placed or delivered - based on your preferences.

What's included?
  1. Control when to leave a feedback.
  2. Leave Automatic Feedback to buyer
  3. Send Feedback Reminder to buyer
  4. Send Thank You Email
  5. Fully Customizable emails
  6. Fully Customizable Feedback Comments
  7. Reports for received and left Feedback

When is the feedback sent for any particular order?

You can customize when you want to send the feedback. There are several options to choose from like - when buyer pays for the order or when he leaves you a positive feedback or some days after delivery of the order etc.

Can I control what is sent in the feedback?

Yes. You can have predefined different feedback Comments. The system then selected one text randomly every time and sends to the buyer.


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Key Features

Automatic Feedback Triggers:

Automatic Feedback has many different options and triggers:

  1. Based on delivery status
  2. If item is paid for and positive feedback is received
  3. When item is paid for
  4. After an item is delivered.

Customize your feedback comment using Feedback templates. HomaVo will select a random feedback and leave it for your customers.


Feedback Reminder

Send automated reminders to your buyers based on Order or Shipment status.

  1. Send reminders to Domestic and international buyers
  2. Send reminders based on delivery status of the package
  3. Block or remove users from eBay Feedback reminders


Thank You Email

Send automated Thank You email to your buyers based on Order or Shipment status


Full mobile and tablet support