Automated Tracking

Tracking solution for eBay sellers

What is it?

Imagine being able to see the status of all of your packages in one place. What if an automated system could tell you if a package is late or lost? HomaVo Automated Tracking will check all of your packages: USPS, UPS, DHL, TNT, and more.


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Key Features

Here are some of the highlights:
  1. Tracking numbers imported automatically from your eBay accounts
  2. Detailed tracking status for each item is captured
  3. Send Customized emails to your buyer based on shipment status
  4. Tracking reports
  5. Get notified when shipment is late or lost
  6. Full mobile and tablet support

We are adding new features and carriers everyday. Please let us know if a carrier you use is not in the list.

Bringing harmony to your eBay accounts

We have every tool you need to track eBay packages and shipments in one platform.

Shipping tracking map

Google Map Tracking

HomaVo updates all of your tracking numbers and adds them to Google Map.

Step by step shipment tracking status

Step by Step status

Locate each package individually and see tracking status in a timeline.

Latest ebay package shipment status

All-in-one view

All orders are shown in one place. You can filter by shipping status and locate any late packages.